Loneliness in older people

Loneliness in older people has been a concern long before this pandemic hit.  Many of the programmes designed to help, such as our Together Clubs, have had to stop. 

How do we move forward in our changed world to ensure that older folk who are experiencing loneliness are not left behind feeling lonely and isolated? 

Health impacts of loneliness can be significant.

Loneliness in older people is associated with several health problems and can have similar risks as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, having high blood pressure, and not exercising

Loneliness is linked to depression and dementia and reduces our ability to fight infection.

Bearing in mind that our lovely Club Members are social creatures, desperately wanting company and support, it’s not surprising that when we become deprived of regular human contact, the effects can be very damaging.

We must follow government guidelines (some being difficult to interpret) but some of our members have said they would sooner risk the dangers of contracting the virus than miss out on the company and support that our Together Clubs provide.

We seek God’s guidance in our very difficult predicament, and we will continue to find ways of avoiding our members feeling abandoned.

By Nick Borrett