Celebrated as war heroes but denied their TV licence

So – the people we have been celebrating as heroes during two world wars have not only been dealt a massive blow by being largely ignored by the government during the Covid-19 pandemic but must now lose their TV Licence!

The BBC plan to go ahead with their plan to scrap free TV licences for most over 75’s from the 1st August. Thereby reneging on their agreement to maintain the free licence in exchange for the ability to charge for some catch-up services and increase the general licence fee.

Older people are often at home the most and rely on their TV for information, entertainment and company. We know that loneliness is a huge issue in the UK, affecting the elderly the most as their TV is often their only link with the outside world.

Pensioners should not be expected to cover the cost. We implore the BBC to look for other ways to fund their service.