Care Home residents reunited with their families

At Last!

It is so wonderful to see the joy on the faces of family and care home residents on being able to see and touch their loved ones after all this time.  Residents have had a very difficult time over the last year, particularly those who have dementia.  Unfortunately, many have died, not just because of the pandemic, although that has been devastating enough, but because they were unable to understand the enforced separation from their families, which in turn made their condition worse.

The distress has been equally felt by their families who have been unable to spend what may have been the last year of their loved one’s life.  Let’s face it, many of our care home residents are well on in years and usually not in good health. 

The care workers have done a fantastic job in endeavouring to ‘stand in’ for residents’ family, often at the expense of their own health.  We applaud them for their dedication and compassion.

Let us pray that the coming months will see a continuing decrease in Covid-19 infections and a smooth return to normal visiting access.